I would like to express my sincere gratitude to one of your employees, who went beyond the call of duty.

Shirley G. (Edmonton)5-Star Customer Service

I have never written an email like this before and probably won’t again. I don’t know who owns Viking. But the boss needs to know that he has the best group of guys working for him.

Bonnie & Bernie L. (Edmonton)Insurance Claim Customer

We had a sever leak in out basement that caused us to have to replace both our hot water tank and our furnace. We had Viking come take a look and the man who came was very knowledgeable and helpful, explaining to us the reasons the products needed to be replaced.

Hudson K (St. Albert)Pipe Explosion Customer

Viking has done everything from small bathrooms to major commercial renovation jobs for me. Everything from basic plumbing, rough-ins to finishing, hot water heaters, furnace, etc.

Simon (Edmonton)Plumbing Customer

Viking Mechanical has done a number of different calls here related to toilet and other plumbing issues as well as installing a faucet in the kitchen. They also installed the gas lines in my bbq. There’s a large range of service. The quality of service is excellent. The quality of service is excellent….

F from EdmontonPlumbing Customer

We hired Viking Mechanical after an insurance incident occurred involving our washing machine flooding into the lower level of our home. They inspected the hot water tank and the furnace which they determined was damaged…..

Massod (Edmonton)Insurance Claim Customer

They did a good job on a number of things. Last time they did a bit of plumbing and the work was great, I just keep phoning them back as I am pleased with their work. I would definitely recommend this company as I am totally satisfied with their work….

Donna (Edmonton)

My hot water tank packed it in and I needed a new one installed. Within a day, I was enjoying a seemingly endless supply of hot water from my larger tank. The worker was very friendly and clean. He took pride in ensuring the job was ‘done properly’ and that the finished product looked good….

Dan (Edmonton)Plumbing Customer